It is a matter of pleasure that UTKARSH Organization planning to participate for Digital India program Initiated by honorable prime-minister. The event is organized for women to learn about Information technologies, and tools that can be used in day to day life. Motive behind arranging this training session is not only to impart the women basic technology skills but also to make them teach savvy-women, which will make their lives easier and better!

Agenda will include Information technology areas for professional, educational and social opportunities. It will also include Basic Computer and Internet Skills, Gmail, You-tube and Google – Search, Basic Knowledge of Mobile and use full apps and over view of different social media platform.

Scope of Work:-


UTKARSH already had taken Initiative towards Importance of “Women On Web” by celebrating International World Wide Web Day on 1st August.

We are also arranging several seminars and training sessions at rural and urban areas of Gujarat since last three years with understanding its importance and Implications for women, to make their day to day life more easier with Improvising their living standards by helping and supporting them in being self-sustain and Independent.

Now, we are planning to work on a large scale from grass-root level with emphasizing on each of the Digital India’s above mentioned scope of work.

Now, for the further development and up-gradation of today’s rural societies, we have planned to execute large scale campaigning programs and training sessions on Digital India with mainly emphasizing on Monetization, cashless transactions including mobile and net banking and other Internet skills etc.

With having a vision of making people self-sustain along with increasing their living standard, we are planning to initiate with short term training programs of 5 to 7 days. Our target is to cover at-least 20 schools in five month.

It is necessary to support today’s rural, for being a smart City, tomorrow.”

With consideration of their poor living standard and life style, rural people are lack in adopting new technologies and its implications on their day to day life; so we would like to request you to please understand and co-operate us to make their life meaningful and