UTKARSH charitable trust is a registered, non-profit organization, established to support women who wish to meet their full potential in life, but need a helping hand. Our mission is to assist women in getting the education or training and resources they need for career development. We promote self-sufficiency and self-improvement. We try to establish their identity in society through organizing exhibitions.

We conduct awareness programs to prevent potential problems common to women and girls who lack education, training or achievement due to social, economic or cultural conditions. We also arrange educational programs related to health, environment and innovative technologies. We provide social services to old age homes and we host group marriages for those who are disable and financially week.

UTKARSH is Public Trust Registered Under Bombay Public Trust,1950.

Registration No. E/20481/AHMEDABAD.


MISSION: To empower girl child and women especially from marginalised social groups,so that they become capable of gaining control over their earning,able to maintain and improve their living standard with considering COMMUNITIES, NUTRITION, health, education and well-being along with developing lively-hood helping in executing self-sustained women society.