In Rural areas, girl’s child facing adverse effects on their living standard and education, while reaching their teenage. “UTKARSH” putting a step in to resolve their problems.

Utkarsh actively plays a prominent role in rural areas for overall growth and development of girl child as well as women and our sessions regarding skill development and awareness campaigns encourages women and children to participate with understanding it’s Importance and Implications in their day to day life.

Reason behind:

In relation to the above subject, out of 100%, more than 95% of girl students interested to avail education. This number (drop-out) decreases to the average of 60% to 65% when the girl reaches secondary education due to lack of awareness and myths / taboos about menstrual problems due to lacking in such Infrastructure amenities (including sanitary napkins, disposal of Menstrual waste etc.) with having lesser availability of educated trainers.

Study Includes :

With the help of several studies and research works,  Utkarsh come up with a strong vision for the betterment of girl child. Utkarsh has exagerated a well define scope of work for the same with including manstrual awareness workshops, training sessions, sanitary napkins manufacturing units, representative skills including packaging and marketing, wendering machines etc. as per given below

Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Education about Menstruation at school and village level
  • Awareness campaigns about health and hygiene  
  • Session on taking balanced diet and guidance via body check up at regular intervals concerned with lady doctors
  • Incinerator for Waste dispose
  • Provide Eco-friendly Toilets
  • Providing Sanitary napkin Machine to make them self-sustain 
  • Skill development programs including packing and marketing skills etc.
  • ATM for Sanitary napkins

“To fullfill todays’s girl child’s dreams and resolutions, we need to emphasized on their today’s problems.”

As per our previous studies and collected data’s from Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’s office, Ahmedabad District, here we are considering approximate number of girl child per school would be around 100.